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Do you believe that fur has a place in the future of fashion?

Yes definitely. Natural fur is a material like no other. It not only brings something unique to the table in terms of aesthetics and it’s one of the most sustainable materials available out there. We believe that the future needs sustainable solutions, and using natural fur instead of fake fur is one of the answers to the challenges, the fashion trade is facing.


What are your thoughts on welfare and rights of fur animals?

The fur in our collections comes from Kopenhagen Fur, the world’s largest fur auction house and a market leader within all aspects of the fur trade, including animal welfare.

Animal welfare is of course a subject that many ask us about and it is important for us to emphasize, that we only use fur where a high degree of animal welfare can be documented.

Furthermore, we only use the best qualities of fur in our collections, because the quality very clearly speaks to the way the animals have been treated throughout their whole lives. When it comes to fur, the fact is that you cannot achieve high quality without the animals havingled good lives, both physically and mentally.


How can you be so sure, that the animals are treated well?

There are many strict regulations in place to ensure a high degree of animal welfare. In Denmark for example, veterinarians pay several visits a year to each fur farm, which must be certified, and all farms are also controlled by bodies within the government.

No region in the world has as strict and comprehensive animal health and welfare legislation as the European Union but even so, in 2009 the European tradeorganisation ‘Fur Europe’ initiated a new welfare certification program. This aims to develop an impartial, thorough and detailed evaluation tool for assessing the welfare of mink and fox. This programme is called Welfur and it is the first evaluation tool within agriculture that on a scientific basis documents the framework of the animals physically and in terms of well-being.

SaksPotts only work with Kopenhagen Fur, who by 2020 will only accept mink and fox skins that are WelFur-certified. As soon as Welfur skins are available, we will only buy and use Welfur certified skins.


Why do you use fur in your collections?

Natural fur - like many other materials - are part of our collections because we love the material itself. It helps to realize our creative visions in a way, no other materials can as it adds a unique and true dimension and depth to our creative expression. For example, we work a lot with volume, and here fur gives us the opportunity to create some very special silhouettes. Fur is at once both a beautiful, durable and highly sustainable.


Why don’t you just use fake fur in your collections?

Some may say that fur is an unnecessary luxury product, because there are alternatives available that can keep people warm, but to us, this statement does not hold up, nor do we think the manmade alternative is a good one.

First of all, we regard fur as being on par with for example beef, milk, leather and wool or any other animalistic products, people use every day. When animals are treated with the highest degree of respect, which they always should be, we do not oppose the legal use of any such materials or products.

Second of all, natural fur is an incredibly sustainable material. It's both durable, renewable, but is also included in nature's own circuit after use which is one ofthe reason we started working with fur is in the first place.



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